With over 10 years’ experience, Man Vs Pests can cover all your cleaning needs for your home or office, We supply all the equipment and chemicals, which are based on natural products & essential oils and are our own “secret recipe” leaving your home or office with a fresh “just cleaned” aroma.

Forget about the drudgery of dusting and mopping every weekend. Our house cleaning services are designed to help you enjoy more free time with your family and friends.

regular cleans

Our cleaning services are designed to make your life easier, taking away the stress of coming home from work and worrying about cleaning. With Man vs Pests Cleaning Services, we take care of your domestic cleaning services, so you can come home to a pristine, clean house.

Your cleaning can be as personalised as you want it to be. For example, you may only want us to tackle the mould, mildew & condensation that has built up in your bathrooms or just your kitchen and floors cleaned. Our rates are hourly based, so you decide what cleaning chores to put on your checklist, depending on your household needs. Generally, we work as a 2-person cleaning team, which gives you more “bang for your buck”, more cleaning provided in a shorter time frame.

Our regular house cleaning is offered on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. With our cleaning tailored to suit your requirements starting from a minimum of 1 hour to as many hours as you require. We provide flexibility to work in with client’s work schedules and provide attention to detail for cleaning priorities as requested.

window cleaning

Clean windows can immediately make your property look more attractive. They can make your home stand out or make your business a lot more appealing. When your windows are cleaned properly, your windows are made more efficient. Dirt and grime can build up to the point where it can cause seals to fail – making your AC work harder and your windows harder to open and close.

There are several risks involved with cleaning your windows on your own, such as falling off a ladder or using hazardous detergents or cleaners that may cause you harm. Our professional window cleaning services keep environmental contaminants like salt (if near the ocean), hard water, and oxidation off your windows so that they serve you for longer.

Our window cleaning service includes internal and external, tracks and screens, or we can tailor our services to your requirements.

Don’t forget the outside of your home. Man Vs Pests can also assist with Pressure Washing and Solar Panel Cleaning.

pressure washing

Concrete is porous by nature, and impossible to clean properly without adequate equipment. Garden hoses simply cannot get the job done, as they do not have the power and ability to penetrate and clean thoroughly. Oil, grease, tire marks, mould, dirt, plant stains and grime are no match for the power of a pressure washer and proper detergents. We have industrial strength pressure washers (gernie’s) for this very reason.

We offer pressure washing services for your house, solar panels, driveway & paths.


When it comes to energy efficiency, everyone wants to save on their electricity. Your clean solar panel system will provide maximum reduction in costs. The solar panel basically works when the solar cells absorb the light, which simply means that more the light strike on these more will be the power production. Because panels are installed on the roof, they are prone to accumulate solar blockers like dust, which can turn to mud with rainfall, leaves, mould, bird droppings, etc. Most times the debris doesn’t get washed off by just the rain itself, which reduces the sun rays to reach the solar cells that eventually lead to decreased efficiency and more cost to you. To Maintain maximum performance from this considerable investment, it’s vital to clean your solar panel system on a semi regular time basis.